All about Deuce to Seven Triple Draw Poker

Top5 2-7 Triple Draw Mistakes

Mistake # 1 - Playing just about everything
Players starting out with Deuce to Seven Triple Draw poker start thinking that since they get three opportunities to draw cards, they can convert any starting hand into a winner by the end of the game. Although that may be possible sometimes, majority of times all you’ll get is junk, and often end up with even worse hands that you started with. In a nutshell, you must avoid playing any hand which doesn’t have the potential to get you closer to a pat 7 or a pat 8. Let everyone else continue drawing if they want to, you must ideally sit out of the game. You can go ahead and play aggressively whenever you get good hands later.

Mistake # 2 - Taking too many draws in situations where you’re vulnerable to a straight
You should ideally fold your hand, instead of drawing card after card if there is a possibility of making a straight rather than a winning hand. Why this is so is because straight cards, instead of giving you winners, significantly reduce the number of cards that can actually help your cause.
For instance, a starting hand of 3 4 5 6 is a pretty risky hand as it is quite vulnerable to the possibility of a straight. The best you can manage in such a hand is a miracle 8, which will provide you with a reasonable 8-low, that can be possibly beaten by other players’ hands.

Mistake # 3 - Avoiding raising with strong hands, thus keeping too many players in the game
There is one very important poker rule which states that the more the number of players that remain in the pot, the higher are the chances that one of them will create a better hand and successfully chase you down.
So, whenever you get a powerful draw or a solid hand, you must try and push as many players out of the community pot as possible, so you can get a good clean hit at it. Unless you feel that you may possibly be behind, play aggressively, you must raise and re-raise continuously and make everyone pay the maximum for trying to chase you down.

Mistake # 4 - Frequently defending your small blind position
Position holds great importance in Deuce to Seven Triple Draw poker. A small blind (provided he wishes to stay in play) is always the first to act in every betting round, except the first one, as well as in every draw, and hence doesn’t get the advantage of knowing how others are drawing or betting in the game. It puts this player at a slight disadvantage compared to his/her counterparts.
Unless you’re in possession of an extremely solid starting hand, with no one having entered the pot yet, it’s always better to fold your small blind and give up your half-bet amount, playing a more solid game from the next hand onwards when you’ll be the dealer and have the best position at the poker table.

Mistake # 5 - Avoiding betting even after drawing lesser number of cards than others
It’s always recommended to try to bet others out of the game if you draw lesser number of cards than your opponents. The other players may most likely fold their hands if they don’t manage to improve, knowing that you’ve possibly made the hand you wanted to. Even if they choose to bet or raise, the aggressiveness shown by you will slow them down, thus keeping you in the driver’s seat. Although we can’t rule out the possibility of either of them hitting an excellent hand and then check-raising or raising you, you’ll still find yourself ahead of them most of the times (provided you’re playing with premium hands).